Driven to Build

We’re driven to build. And we’ve been doing it successfully along the Front Range since 2005. When Brinkman Construction became 100% employee owned in 2016, we launched into a new era of leadership and knew we needed a brand that represented who we’ve become. Over the past year, we’ve been working to create a new brand that better reflects where Brinkman Construction is now, and how we look outward toward the future. Our work resulted in three words that represent our brand: Tailor, Ownership and Grit. Read on to see what these words mean and how they impact you.


We bring care and true craftsmanship to everything we build. We listen—really listen—to our clients to understand their vision. From this cornerstone we shape our process to create an exceptional experience and drive to an outcome and realization of their vision that our client can be proud of.


To us, a project is not just a project. It’s an integral component of our clients’ business. A lasting testament to the trust they placed in us when they hired us to build it. We take this trust seriously, so we own not just the outcome, but every step of the process toward that outcome.


What defines us is our resolve, our tenacity to solve problems even when they’re not ours to fix. To think and work and not yield until the job is done and done right. We don’t do it for recognition, we do it because it’s who we are.

Our Logo

Our new logo is anchored by an Elk. The Elk represents strength, endurance and patience – values that we, as individuals, and we as a company, embrace. The Elk, which is native to Colorado, stands confident and proud and embodies the grit to get the job done, the right way, connecting back to our new brand DNA.

Our New Brand

See Our Brand in Action

Our portfolio includes everything from tenant finishes to large-scale ground-up construction and everything in between. We’ve been fortunate to work with companies across diverse industries, including healthcare, hospitality, office, industrial, restaurant/brewery, and multi-family.

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