Our Approach

We deliver value beyond the building through the ownership mindset we bring to our projects. We aren’t simply a vendor our clients work with, we’re their guide through every step of the complex building process. Our teams are fully integrated to provide our clients with overlapping support so they aren’t left feeling like they’re being handed off to a new team member every few months. This unique approach gives our clients predictability and confidence that we’re always looking out for their best interests.


The majority of our projects utilize either the design-assist or design-build delivery model. Inherent to this type of work is an involved and dedicated effort to establish a plan for both the preconstruction and construction phases of the project in tandem. The goal is to manage the budget and control costs while protecting the quality of design.

We collaborate with the ownership early in the design phase so we have a comprehensive understanding of their goals. Brinkman Construction will then propose a “big picture” strategy that aligns the ownership, design, and construction teams and balances all aspects of the project including the scope and budget.


While the design and preconstruction phases are critical to ensure a smooth-running project, we must also deliver on the expectations set during the planning phases.

Our approach to ensuring the construction goes according to plan is achieved through our ability to drive projects through all phases and provide overlapping handoffs between disciplines so nothing is left to slip through the cracks.

Due to our internal focus, training, and follow-through from our teams, we are consistent in driving our projects to a successful completion. These management approaches are a core part of our DNA and ensure that both project management and field teams are cross-trained in each area to deliver the highest quality service possible.


We know our projects are more than just buildings. They’re integral components of our clients’ businesses. A lasting testament to the trust they placed in us when they hired us to build it. We take this trust seriously, so we own not just the outcome, but every step of the process toward that outcome.