Brinkman construction workers

Celebrating Construction Inclusion Week

As we usher in Construction Inclusion Week, it's time to honor the diversity that underpins our industry, and the resilience that stems from Brinkman Construction’s distinctive architecture: a 100% employee-owned enterprise. This week, we stand united as co-owners, pledging our commitment to shaping an inclusive construction industry—one where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

At Brinkman Construction, we are not just employees; we are owners. Our entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with our pooled experience, sets us apart in the industry. Every team member plays a crucial role in our journey toward success. Our core belief is that when each individual has a stake in the company, we collectively work toward creating superior outcomes for our clients and the communities we serve.

Our structure of employee ownership cultivates a culture steeped in teamwork, responsibility, and shared triumphs. It empowers each one of us with a voice and a vested interest in our collective destiny. Moreover, it resonates strongly with the mission of Construction Inclusion Week: to promote inclusion, diversity, and equity across the breadth of the construction industry.

As we celebrate this week concurrently with Employee Ownership Month, we're not merely acknowledging their individual significance. We're also recognizing the synergy they generate together. Here's to envisioning a future built on the pillars of inclusion, equity, and shared ownership!