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Celebrating Construction Inclusion Week

As we usher in Construction Inclusion Week, it's time to honor the diversity that underpins our industry, and the resilience that stems from Brinkman Construction’s distinctive architecture: a 100% employee-owned enterprise. This week, we stand united as co-owners, pledging our commitment to shaping an inclusive construction industry—one where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

At Brinkman Construction, we are not just employees; we are owners. Our entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with our pooled experience, sets us apart in the industry. Every team member plays a crucial role in our journey toward success. Our core belief is that when each individual has a stake in the company, we collectively work toward creating superior outcomes for our clients and the communities we serve.

Our structure of employee ownership cultivates a culture steeped in teamwork, responsibility, and shared triumphs. It empowers each one of us with a voice and a vested interest in our collective destiny. Moreover, it resonates strongly with the mission of Construction Inclusion Week: to promote inclusion, diversity, and equity across the breadth of the construction industry.

As we celebrate this week concurrently with Employee Ownership Month, we're not merely acknowledging their individual significance. We're also recognizing the synergy they generate together. Here's to envisioning a future built on the pillars of inclusion, equity, and shared ownership!


Brinkman Construction | 100% Employee Owned Construction Company | Employee Ownership Month

Celebrating National Employee Ownership Month at Brinkman Construction

October marks a significant milestone in the journey of Brinkman Construction. As we welcome this month, we are excited to celebrate National Employee Ownership Month! This occasion is particularly meaningful for us as we commemorate our transformation into a 100% employee-owned company since October 2016.

Our journey as an employee-owned firm extends beyond merely distributing profits among our team members. It signifies the formation of enduring relationships, the creation of opportunities for advancement, and the collective celebration of our successes. In essence, every individual at Brinkman Construction plays a pivotal role in shaping our destiny, both literally and metaphorically.

The ethos of ownership has been instrumental in propelling us toward success. It has cultivated an atmosphere of dedication, shared experiences, and teamwork, which are the building blocks of our enterprise. Our entrepreneurial spirit has not only enabled us to construct remarkable buildings but also fostered robust relationships with our clients and within our team.

Throughout this month, stay tuned to our social media posts as we delve deeper into what employee ownership truly means to us. You will also get a chance to hear firsthand from our team members about their unique experiences and insights of being owners themselves.

The image above captures the memorable moments from our employee ownership kick-off celebration back in 2016. Since then, it has been an extraordinary journey, filled with learning, growth, and accomplishments. As we look forward, we are eager to explore the new avenues that lie ahead.

Let's raise a toast to our collective triumphs and the transformative power of employee ownership! Here's to many more years of shared success and growth at Brinkman Construction.


Lynwood Senior Apartments

Lynwood Senior Apartments Completes Construction

Denver, CO - Lynwood Senior Apartments, the latest project constructed by Brinkman Construction, has completed construction and is almost fully leased within two and a half months. This project is a joint venture between Lexton McDermott and the Kentro Group, and managed by ComCap Management. Lewis Himes Associates was the architect.

Located in Denver, Lynwood Senior Apartments offers affordable living and a range of amenities and services that cater to seniors looking for an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The community features a variety of floor plans to choose from, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, all equipped with patios or balconies, walk-in closets and showers, air-conditioning and ADA-compliant kitchens and bathrooms.

Residents of Lynwood Senior Apartments have access to a range of communal spaces, including a fitness center, craft room, exercise center, onsite laundry and community room. Additionally, the community offers a full calendar of events and activities, as well as supportive services provided by Eaton Senior Communities.

"We are thrilled to announce the completion of Lynwood Senior Apartments," said Jim Ciesla, President & CEO of Brinkman Construction. "Lexton McDermott and Kentro Group have created an affordable and high-quality living experience for seniors in the Denver community."

This is the second community Brinkman Construction and Lexton McDermott have built together.

Brinkman Construction | Safest Project Award Q1

Congratulations to our Q1 Safest Project Winners!

Congratulations to the Alpine Flats team for winning the Safest Project of the Quarter award for Q1!

We are excited to announce that the Alpine Flats team has won the Q1 Safest Project Award! This is a prestigious recognition that highlights the outstanding efforts of the Alpine Flats team in prioritizing safety above all else. Their dedication to creating a safe working environment for everyone involved is truly commendable.

Safety should always be the number one priority in any construction project. The Alpine Flats team understood this fundamental principle and went above and beyond to ensure that every worker, trade partner, and visitor on the site could perform their duties without any compromise to their well-being.

The success of the Alpine Flats team was a collective effort. Collaboration and effective communication were key in fostering a safe working environment. The Brinkman Construction team and trade partners should be recognized for their invaluable contributions. By working together, they were able to identify potential hazards, implement necessary precautions, and proactively address any safety concerns that arose during the project.

We take immense pride in our organization's award-winning, safety-first culture. Over the years, our commitment to safety has been acknowledged by esteemed institutions such as the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Colorado and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Since 2019, we have been recognized as a Chase Blue participant, and in 2022, we received the prestigious National AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award.

We strive for a Zero Incident Safety Culture, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to the well-being of our team members.

Winning the Safest Project Award is a remarkable achievement, but it is essential to remember that the true reward lies in knowing that everyone returned home safely each day. The Alpine Flats team has not only completed their project with excellence but has also ensured the well-being of their entire workforce.

Congratulations once again to the Alpine Flats team for their well-deserved Safest Project Award! Your commitment to safety sets a shining example for the entire industry.

Women in Construction Week | Brinkman Construction

Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2023

Happy Women in Construction Week! This special occasion provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions of women in the construction industry. At Brinkman Construction, we took the time to come together, celebrate, and appreciate the women who play vital roles in our company. The week was filled with camaraderie, laughter, and shared stories during our afternoon happy hour. As we commemorate this important week, let us reflect on the remarkable impact women have made and continue to make in the construction industry.

Breaking Barriers and Shattering Stereotypes

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women are breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes to forge a path toward equality. Women at Brinkman Construction not only have a presence in the boardroom, but also in various key positions within our organization. They contribute significantly to our executive, project management, accounting, payroll, marketing, project coordinator, human resources, and risk management teams. Their skills, expertise, and dedication play a crucial role in driving our success.

Impacts of Women in Construction

The increasing presence of women in the construction industry is transforming the landscape and bringing about positive change. Consider the following statistics that highlight the remarkable impact women are making:

1. Equal Pay: Women in the United States, on average, earn 82% of what men make. However, in the construction industry, the gender pay gap is narrower, with women earning an average of 96% of what men make. This trend indicates that the construction sector is prioritizing pay equality more than many other industries.

2. Executive Representation: Among the top 100 construction companies, 44% have women holding executive positions. This figure reflects the growing recognition of women's leadership abilities and the industry's efforts to diversify its leadership roles.

3. Professional and Management Sectors: Approximately 31% of women in the construction field are employed in the professional and management sectors. These positions require specialized skills, experience, and expertise, demonstrating the range of opportunities available to women in construction.

4. Workforce Representation: While there is still progress to be made, women account for about 10% of the construction workforce. This number is steadily increasing, reflecting the industry's efforts to attract and retain female talent.

5. Women-Owned Construction Companies: In an encouraging development, 13% of construction companies are owned by women. This statistic highlights the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of women who have established successful businesses in the construction sector.

6. Workforce Size: Nearly 1 million women currently work in the construction industry, showcasing their substantial presence and valuable contributions. This number emphasizes the growing recognition of women's skills and the industry's willingness to embrace diversity.

As Women in Construction Week comes to a close, we take this moment to honor and celebrate the achievements of women in the construction industry. Brinkman Construction acknowledges the remarkable impact women have made within our company and the industry as a whole. We remain committed to fostering an inclusive environment that promotes equality, diversity, and equal opportunities for everyone. Together, we will continue to pave the way for a future where women in construction thrive.