March 11, 20221 Minutes

As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, there is so much to reflect on regarding the state of women in construction.  On one hand, the positive impact of females within our industry feels more influential than ever.  On the other hand, we know we still have a long road ahead of us to make greater strides towards increased female representation (currently making up only 12% of the industry workforce), enhanced opportunities for advancement, and equality within positions.  Like many journeys in life, the longest roads with the greatest obstacles are usually the ones worth traveling.  As a 100% employee-owned company, we are even more motivated to own the continued forward progress along this road of diversity and inclusion.

Within our organization, we recognize the benefits of diversity to our employee owners, our clients, our communities, and our projects every single day.  We experience how diversity drives innovation, creates greater representation, and generates better decision-making.  We see that we are a more well-rounded company better able to collaborate and support each other to produce collective outcomes.

In honor of Women in Construction Week, we celebrate our female employee owners as well as all females throughout the construction industry!  Thank you for all you do to pave the way by making our industry great today and even more progressive into the future!