Hilton Garden Inn Arvada

Arvada, Colo.


Full-Service Downtown Hotel


Arvada Hotel Investors, LLC



Arvada’s First Full-Service Hotel

The Hilton Garden Inn Arvada represents a collaborative partnership that culminated in the first ever full-service hotel in Arvada. The hotel’s design compliments the surrounding neighborhood. Guests enjoy a restaurant, pool, fitness center, meeting rooms, pavilion, and conservatory common areas to encourage convening.

The hotel is made up of 139 guest rooms and is located in Downtown Arvada as a part of a master development alongside light rail, residential, and retail developments.

The project features a large 147-space parking lot for both the hotel and the adjacent retail space, restaurant, pool, fitness center, and meeting rooms as an amenity to guests. The exterior features classic looks including stone while playing off similar finishes from surrounding areas. The building includes a pavilion and conservatory common areas for guests with casual open seating.